Exception „No web service found at:“ with /js or /jsdebug

With „ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0“ (I love this name with two version numbers inside…) you can request a JavaScript Proxy for a web service with appending /js or /jsdebug to the web service path, like „http://my-server/my-service.asmx/js“.

When I deployed my application I’ve got the InvalidOperationException „No web service found at:“. When I called the web service without /js or /jsdebug the web service worked (at least the generated forms in the Browser where shown).

I’ve spent a lot of time ‚til I recognized the File my-service.asmx was not included in the deploy package. So without the /js appended the my-service.asmx file was not needed, the code from the compiled dll was executed directly, but when I added /js it needed the file.

Don’t forget to add the .asmx files in the deployment of your ASP.NET AJAX Project!

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